What is thunder-scaling and why is it the only way to success and survivorship? Thunder-scaling is an aggressive approach to grow a startup. The founder needs to treat his company like a body and a brain, and feeds both organs well to foster longevity. The body must be strong, agile and should fear no risk. […]

New VAT rules for your online business in Europe

The world has changed, and companies have been forced to adapt to new business models to reach market and consumer needs. Entrepreneurs and businesses are rushing to get involved in what is a potentially very profitable market and the e-commerce is a new channel to follow a new path to increase sales. Numbers are already […]

Complete Whitebook for BUD Fund Programme

Hong Kong Hong Kong has long since been a popular choice for doing business for its robust regulatory framework, abundance of capital and wealth of human capital. From a business perspective, its position as a global financial hub also grants it unrivalled advantages for fundraising and ammunition to incubate innovation. Hong Kong’s low, simple and […]

Setting up a business in Hong Kong

Business has been the lifeblood of Hong Kong from the very beginning. Ever since its British colonial era, Hong Kong has become a major hub of international trade. The city-state thrived through the next century and a half, becoming a magnet for enterprising businessmen who made Hong Kong a major manufacturing centre. Hong Kong reintegration […]

Tips for foreign enterprises to benefit from the new RCEP Agreement

RCEP (Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership Agreement) is the largest free trade agreement in history, which consists of 15 countries – 10 member states of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN), China, Japan, South Korea, Australia, and New Zealand. Although the pact must be ratified, it is scheduled to enter into force next year, 1st […]

Finance Your Business in China

Running out of cash can cause serious consequences to your company, such as losing business opportunities for not being able to execute contracts with clients, purchase raw materials, arrange delivery of goods within the agreed timeline, paying wages, custom duties, and taxes. However, financing your business in China can be slower and more difficult than […]