Meet our Superstar Account and Business Development Manager, Filippo Sannazzaro

đź‘‹ In today’s ‘Meet the Monx’ we’d like to introduce you to Filippo Sannazzaro, our superstar Account and Business Development Manager based in our Hong Kong HQ!

What’s your role at Monx? 

Within Monx, I take care of all our clients’ needs and I try to keep them happy and compliant with all necessary deadlines. I’m in charge of being vigilant and focused on the “boring” part, so that the client can focus on scaling their business.

What do you enjoy most about your job?

I enjoy when we are able to take care of clients’ needs months before the deadline. We love to plan and work month-by-month, so that our clients can stay ahead of the game and forget about all the stress and fines they used to face with their previous service provider.

What makes Monx special to you?

Monx is a fast growing company. Everyday we incorporate new companies and help entrepreneurs to kickstart their dreams, and we do so with a unique mix of enthusiasm and experience. The environment is challenging and exciting, we are committed to deliver the best possible result but we do so knowing how important it is to work in a friendly, relaxed and cool environment

What song would you bring to a deserted island?

Since I love podcasts, it would definitely be a podcast, and considering the situation, it would probably be a podcast about how to leave a desert island.

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