What is a Confirmation Statement?

In June 2016, the UK government replaced the annual return AR01 form with confirmation statements.  What is the point of a confirmation statement? Companies House uses confirmation statements to ensure that the information they have about a limited company is accurate. Your company changes shouldn’t be reported using this form. What’s the difference between the […]

Meet our Superstar Account and Business Development Manager, Filippo Sannazzaro

👋 In today’s ‘Meet the Monx’ we’d like to introduce you to Filippo Sannazzaro, our superstar Account and Business Development Manager based in our Hong Kong HQ! What’s your role at Monx?  Within Monx, I take care of all our clients’ needs and I try to keep them happy and compliant with all necessary deadlines. […]

The Top Reasons to Invest in Property Through a UK Limited Company

You might not know this, but when it comes to a limited company, it is legally identified as being a completely separate entity from the owner. This means that you and the company are two completely different things in the eyes of the law. Therefore, the company owns its assets; you don’t. Obviously, this makes […]

The Benefits of Starting a Company in The UK

The UK is a Fantastic Location to Start a Business If you have been considering the idea of starting a company in the UK, then now is the ideal time to do so. The UK has one of the strongest economies in the world and it is accessible too, as the government places an emphasis […]

Reasons Why You Should Start a Business in Hong Kong

Hong Kong is a global powerhouse when it comes to business, so let’s look at the reasons why you should start a business there.   Set Up a Business Quickly It is known to be quick and efficient when starting a business in Hong Kong. Furthermore, the costs associated with registering a business are low […]