Monx Singapore – Terms & Conditions


Unless otherwise specified in the quotation provided by Monx, by accepting the
quotation, you agree to the following terms:

  • For First Engagement, all officers and shareholders are required to bring along
    identification card and meet corporate secretary
    personally for KYC/AML to fulfill KYC/AML requirements

  • For Corporate Secretary Engagement, Digital Copy of New Resolutions will be
    maintained online.

Additional charges will apply for storage of physical secretary and accounting files and
source documents and for preparation of
missing paperwork not under our engagement and for resolutions above and beyond
those stated above.

  • You agree to provide us with all the necessary information we require in order to
    complete the work. We will do what we can to obtain
    it, but we accept no responsibility for the delay caused in providing you with the final
    work as a result of you supplying us with
    insufficient or missing information or due to your delay in providing the information. If
    you cannot supply the information required for us
    to complete the work, we will do what we can to obtain it, but we accept no
    responsibility for errors, omissions or discrepancies which
    may be present on the final. The time taken to compile the data, as well as any time
    required to correct errors, omissions or
    discrepancies which have arisen through you not providing us with adequate
    information, will be charged at our standard rate.

  • Quote excludes any prevailing government penalties and any additional
    disbursements (which includes, but is not limited to,software maintenance fees, communications, photocopying, courier or postage charges, traveling expenses, searches, registrations and filing fees, charges to cover storage, maintenance, retrieval, software licensing and usage charges, other general and out-of-pocket administrative office and related expenses.) Where the job specification changes materially, we reserve the right to revise our quoted fees and delivery dates and/or times for our work.

We reserve the right to revise the fees from time to time to account for any change(s) in the cost of continuation of the provision of the Services

For any overdue invoices and disbursements(including, but not limited to, reasonable attorneys’  fees), we reserve the right to impose 4% interest for each month of late interest payment on a compounding basis or a base finance fee of $50 for each month of late payment, whichever is higher. We further reserve the right to suspend and/or cease further performance of the Services. We will return any of your documents in our possession only after all outstanding bills have been paid.

Either party may terminate the Services at any time by providing the other party with one (1) months’ notice in writing or such period mutually agreed between the parties. Upon termination, all rights and obligations shall cease except for the non-solicitation, indemnity, and limitation of liability clause which shall expressly survive termination of this Services.

You agree not solicit or entice away or employ any person in our employment during the term of the provision of Services by us and for a period of twelve (12) months thereafter.

You shall at all times keep us fully indemnified against all costs, charges, damages, costs, assessments, judgments asserted, and any and all losses, liabilities, penalties, demands, expenses, actions, suits, investigations or inquiries by any regulatory authority or any other legally appointed administrator, or proceedings (whether civil or criminal) and all claims of whatever nature and however arising (except in the event of willful misconduct or gross negligence on our part) if incurred, suffered or sustained by us as a result of or in connection with the provision of Services to you. This indemnity shall remain in force and effect notwithstanding the termination of the Services.

This Service shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of the Republic of Singapore 

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